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Hotel Nightmare is a horror game of atmosphere that happens in a hotel abandoned.

It's a playable demo that lasts about 10/20 minutes

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Differents Video About the Game : 


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Hotel Nightmare V1.0 [PREVIEW] 775 MB
Hotel Nightmare V0.6c 64-Bit PATCH 1 936 MB
Hotel Nightmare V0.6c 32-Bit PATCH 1 917 MB
Hotel Nightmare V0.6c 64-Bit 917 MB
Hotel Nightmare V0.6c 32-Bit 900 MB
Hotel Nightmare V0.6b 987 MB
Hotel Nightmare V0.6 938 MB
Hotel Nightmare V0.5 880 MB
Hotel Nightmare V0.4 880 MB
Hotel Nightmare V0.3 880 MB
Hotel Nightmare V0.2 880 MB
Hotel Nightmare V0.1 856 MB

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This was so fun once I restarted because I got stuck behind the mattress. I love that it was dark but not so dark. I played something recently where the flashlight ended a foot in front of you. Looking forward to the full game.

Great ! I will watch this video after returning home. ^^

cant record it cause my software dosent detect it


If the problem persists you can join the discord server to try to find a solution to the problem.


나는이 게임을 사랑 ~ ♡


This game Got me so many times I admit that xD really great game thanks for your hard work :)) 5/5

Just tried the game out! :) 

Gave it a go...


Sincerely one of the best DEMOs i've played... gave me quite a spook. Can't wait  for the full release! KEEP IT UP! <3


Porfavor que esto siga que no se quede en una demo

Es por eso que continúo desarrollándome para obtener más contenido y para que la historia comience a contar.Te encuentro para la versión 0.7 ^^

Y por favor habla inglés en este sitio Inglés ^^


I adored this the pacing was really done well there isn't really much to the story but the gameplay alone still made it an enjoyable experience high expectations for this one only critism is I wasn't a fan of the battery mechanics for the flashlight

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This demi is juste a part Taken randomly and change to not Say too much about the story. The story will begin to be tell a the Real game "Nightmare pills" ^^ 


Man this game made me jump multiple times!! super awesome atmosphere with gorgeous graphics and would love to play more on this! great job on making this game :D

I made for all builds below build 10 (V1.0) to be demo, so the build 6 (V0.6c) is a demo ^^


Nice game. Had some great ambiance and sound. One issue i had was the feeling of it being a haunted house. Just walking from one room to another. 


So, I did a let's play of your game, and I have mixed reactions to it. On one hand it had a good ambiance to it. By this I mean I liked the environment and lighting. Both contributed to the horror element.

On the other hand though, you only had a grand total of 3 scary moments (about), though I suppose you could sort of increase it to 5. Either way, I think you can add a lot more elements to it. 

Also, if you're not going to let us go farther up or down, then I would recommend not keeping those pathways there. Instead of invisible walls, just put solid walls down.

does this support htc vive?

yes,it support HTC vive in the sitting position with the keyboard. it uses Steam vr.


Keep up the work dev. Played the game and i had the chilling experience. just waiting for someone to pop out after i ran out of battery everytime.  fullgame soon ;P


I don't understand the negative comments about this game.  I thoroughly enjoyed playing it! My only recommendation is to make the flashlight last just a little longer! Here is my Let's Play if anyone wants to watch!



Played this for a free indie horror, and was pretty disappointed by what i played. I give a VERY in-depth rant/review on the game in my playthrough, which you can watch below. I see a lot of potential in this demo, but some things NEED to be changed. 

Watch Devlog during this week ^^ (I try to work all the points approach)


Okay, looking forward too it!


Please make it so the flashlight lasts longer than 10 seconds at a time. Please. I'm begging you.

I watch for change the flashlight mechanism but i don't want use the collectable battery system so i continue to search ^^ And please think about rate the game ^^ 

Look at the Build 6B i fix it ^^ 


Bonne expérience de jeux malgré qu'il se termine assez vite (environ 15 minutes)J'espère que part la suite le jeux continuera de s’améliore dans le bon sens pour le moment il et cool.J'attend les prochaines version avec impatience !