First Preview of the 1.0 !

The 1.0 is a huge update coming out to boost Hotel Nighmare from a little "good" game to a next levels Horror game. 

Some Reason of that, First the French Language and more maybe in a future, next the gameplay ! 

The gameplay of Hotel Nightmare would have been boring for a long session, if I did not do this update. 

In the new gameplay i remove entirely the hud and make them "intradiegetic" like the Battery count is in the arm near of the flashlight and the battery's level bar is not more a flip flop of "ON" / "OFF" it use the intencity of the flashlight . 

To try a test level "completely" new use the "CTRL" key to show a DEBUG menu then choise the Map or the Language :

Here is the look of the DEBUG menu.


Hotel Nightmare V1.0 [PREVIEW] 775 MB
May 18, 2019

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